Call from Abdullah Öcalan for hunger strikes: Actions have reached their goal, they should be ended

  • 14:25 26 May 2019
  • News

ISTANBUL- PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has met with his lawyers in Imralı prison for second time after 8 years, called for end of the hunger strikes and death fasts and said, “Actions have reached their goal, and they should be ended now.”

PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s lawyers Rezan Sarıca and Newroz Uysal met with Abdullah Öcalan six days after the statement of Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül saying, “The restrictions were removed”. Asrın Law Office lawyers made a statement to the press regarding their meeting with Abdullah Öcalan on May 22.

Lawyers Rezan Sarıca, Newroz Uysal, İbrahim Bilmez and Raziye Turgut read the statement. HDP MPs, lawyers, and families of hunger strikers joined the press statement.

The statement says, “We met our client Mr. Öcalan on May 22. During the meeting, Öcalan insisted on his call for the termination of hunger strikes and death-fasts, which have achieved their goals. After this call, we believe that strikers will terminate the action. Our client stated that if talks were not held in the future, it could be protested by a political struggle, but actions such as hunger strikes and death-fasts should be avoided. He stated that the main thing is a culture of democratic political struggle and that it is more important for the strikers to be physically, spiritually and mentally healthy. Using Gandhi as an example for his hunger strike, he said that Gandhi made his hunger strike meaningful by his social struggle. In this context, Öcalan wrote a letter to the hunger strike and death-fast action activists. He requested this letter to be shared with them. We present this letter, which was delivered to us after the meeting, hand-written and signed by Mr. Öcalan, addressing the activists of the hunger strike and death-fast actions.”

Abdullah Öcalan’s message is as follows;

“Dear comrades,

In light of the wide-ranging statements my two lawyers will be making, I expect the protests, especially of the comrades who have committed themselves to hunger strikes and death fasts, to come to an end. I would like to express that your intentions with regards to me have been realized and I present to all of you my deepest affections and gratitude.

In fact, after this point, I diligently hope and expect you to accompany me with adequate intensity and will power.

With lasting affection and regards,

22 May 2019, Imralı Prison

Abdullah ÖCALAN”