Become a volunteer reporter for JINNEWS, let's say our word together

  • 09:48 20 September 2019
  • News
NEWS CENTER - As JINNEWS women, children-oriented, ecological, rights-based journalism began by embracing the principles of solidarity to raise our voice even more, we are starting a voluntary reporter campaign to say more.
 Women's news agency JINNEWS, “Let’s raise our voice together by become a volunteer reporter for JINNEWS 
As women, we are going through a period full of attacks on our rights and lives. The period in which the Istanbul Convention, which is signed by many countries thanks to the women's struggle, and women’s alimony payment right are wanted to be withdrawn in Turkey, in the meantime women are killed, subjected to violence, and the women’s rights violation is wanted to be legitimized. But women never take a step back against these attacks. 
In every sphere of life, women keep their centuries-long struggle for freedom and equality against misogynist, masculine and discriminatory policies. 
As JİNNEWS, we keep our struggle in media area. We turn our anger against being subjected to violence and killed every day into the strength exhibiting masculine media, the masculine judgment powered by the masculine media, politics, and society. We began our journey on 25 October 2017 with the strength we got from our female identity, closed women’s news agencies and women's struggle for freedom. As two years have passed since we began our journey, we continue to claim to be a platform where more women make themselves heard and where they raise their voice. In accordance with this claim, we make women’s labor and resistance visible in every part of life and we also know that we are not alone in exhibiting policies of violence and oppression against women. 
Let’s raise our voice together in solidarity with each other during this period when violence against women and policies of impunity against it continue to increase. 
Let’s be in solidarity by sharing videos and photographs of women with us and let’s make women’s identity visible. We call on all women to be in solidarity with their new agency, JİNNEWS, and to be our volunteer reporter.”
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