Trustee appointed to 4 HDP municipalities

  • 12:56 16 November 2019
  • News
MARDİN - HDP's Mardin co-mayors of Savur, Derik and Mazıdağı Municipalities and Urfa's Suruç' Municipality were detained and trustees were appointed to their place. With this decision, trustees were appointed to 24 of the 69 municipalities won by the party in the March 31 at the local elections.
Yesterday in Mardin, police raids were made and Savur Municipality Co-Mayor Gülistan Öncü, Mazıdağı Municipality Co-Mayor Nalan Özaydın, Derik Municipality Co-Mayor Mulkiye Esmez were taken into custody. They were removed from their post and have been replaced by trustees.
A statement was made by the Mardin Governorate. The statement cited the dismissal of the co-mayors from the municipality of Mardin. The Public Chief Prosecutor's Office accused them of ‘’being a member of an organization’’.
Governor's office appointed the District Governor Hakan Kafkas instead of Derik Municipality Co-Mayor Mulkiye Esmez, the District Governor Muhsin Duran Kalkan instead of Mazıdağı Co-Mayor Nalan Özaydın and the District Governor Bayram Türker instead of Savur Municipality Co-Mayor Gülistan Öncü.
A trustee was appointed to Suruç as well
Following the application of trustees to these municipalities, Urfa's co-mayor Hatice Çevik was detained and a trustee was appointed to replace her.
In the statement made by Urfa Governorate, within the scope of the investigation file numbered 2019/11034 conducted by Urfa’s Public Chief Prosecutor's Office, the District Governor Kenan Aktaş was appointed as trustee instead of Hatice Çevik, who was detained on the allegation of ‘’ being a  member of an organization and propagandizing an illegal organization.’’
Trustees appointed to 24 Municipalities out of 65