21 people massacred in demonstrations in İran

  • 15:39 17 November 2019
  • News
NEWS CENTER - The number of people killed in anti-government demonstrations in Iran increased to 21.
In Iran, protests against the hike of the gasoline have started the day before. According to East Kurdistan Human Rights Organization Hengaw, the number of people who have lost their lives increased to 21 in the attack of Iranian security forces using real bullets in many cities.
Attack with real bullets
As soon as the protests started, the Iranian security forces attacked with real bullets and killed an activist in the city of Sirjan, Kirman province. The Iranian security forces attacked the people with real bullets in the cities of Kirmanshan, Meriwan, Sine, Îlam, Shaabad, Serpêlzehaw, Urmia, Salmast, Ciwanro and the cities of Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Karaj, Yazd, Bushehr and Sari of Iran.
People who participated in the protest responded to the bullets of the police and security forces with stones. There were also conflicts in many protests.
Hengaw: 21 people lost their lives
İn Hengaw, Ciwanro 14, in Sine 1 and in  Meriwan, 6 demonstrators, died as a result of the fire. Especially in the city of Ciwanro the Iranian security forces intervened very harshly against demonstrators, some of the demonstrators were killed by torture. Hengaw shared with the press that 52 people in Ciwanro, 15 in Kirmanshan, 25 in Sine and 50 in Merîwan, a total of 142 people were injured. In addition, the security forces used real bullets in the demonstrations and attacked with pepper and tear gas.
The names of the three demonstrators who were massacred in the demonstrations in Meriwan are as follows: Osman Nadrî, Mêhran Tak and Shaho Welîdî.
The names of 2 who lost their lives in Ciwanro are as follows: Kawe Mihemedî and Hemze.
Banks and Municipality set on fire
Iranian National Bank branch in Behbehan city of Ahvaz province where protests continued all day long and police and Iranian security forces attacked people with real bullets, Millet Bank in Ferdis city of Kerec, Sina Bank in Tehran's Pars district, Meriwan Ensar Bank in Sine, Mesken Bank in Sine Besic Headquarters in Tehran's Worish district and the Municipality of Salihiye in Tehran were set on fire.
Internet was cut, schools were on holiday
The Iranian regime cut the internet lines in cities such as Mashad, Kirmanshan, Ahvaz, Shiraz and Meriwan, where protests were massive. While the roads were closed to traffic due to protest actions in the capital Tehran and Kerec, schools in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kirmanshan, Hurremshehr, Kerec and Abadan were also holidayed.