We do not accept war: Rojava belongs to the people who live there

  • 10:48 18 November 2019
  • News
Van - Women of Çaldıranlı reacted to Turkey's operations against the North and East Syria, stating that destroying the gains of the Kurdish people is the main purpose of the operation, "Rojava belongs to Kurds and other peoples who are living there. We will stand by the people of Rojava and defend them. ”
Hundreds of civilians died in the attack launched on 9 October by Turkey in North and East Syria and the images of torture against women also sparked public uproar. The number of arrests and detentions are increasing, the economic crisis in Turkey is deepening because of the attacks.
 The women living in Çaldıran district of Van reacted to the attacks against North and East Syria by saying “Rojava  belongs to the Kurds and other peoples living there’’ and they stated that they will always be  with the people of North and East Syria.
‘The aim of the attacks is to destroy the Kurdish people’
Fatma Umdu stated that the main purpose of the operation was to destroy the gains of the Kurdish people in North and East Syria and said, “They are buying guns against the people living in Rojava with the taxes of the Kurdish people. These attacks are only against the Kurdish civilians while Turkey will be dragged into economic crisis. It even affected the lifes in our villages. We cannot feed our children as we wish, we cannot buy clothes as we wish. We do not accept this injustice. End the war”
‘Rojava belongs to the people who live there’
Şerbet Demirkaya stated that in the war initially effects women and children, said: "Rojava is not attacking Turkey, Erdogan have no right to enter the territory. The territory of Rojava belongs to the Kurds and other peoples living there. Civilians are being bombed. We will stand by and defend the people of Rojava until the end. ”
‘Together we must embrace Rojava’
Demirkaya said that all peoples should make a sound against the attacks in North-East Syria and said, “Mothers should not cry anymore and live in peace and free with their children”.