The State Theater actress Jale Birsel lost her life

  • 17:32 18 November 2019
  • News
İZMİR - State Theater actress Jale Birsel, died in the nursing home.
State Theater actress Jale Birsel lost her life at the age of 92 in a nursing home in Izmir Çiğli. Jale was in the same class of conservatory with Yıldız Kenter, the theater actress who died yesterday evening.
Jale Birsel
In 1949, she successfully graduated from Ankara State Conservatory Theater Department. She then appeared in the State Theater as Beatrice in the play “Liar”.
Over the course of her 38-year-long theater career (until her retirement), Jale has overcame every role given from comedy to drama, from indigenous to foreign, small-big, old-fashioned, and has won the admiration of both audiences and critics for years.
Jale's 38-year marriage to the poet and writer Salâh Birsel ended in 1999 when the poet died at the age of 80.