Law suit against the Co-Mayors with the accusation of 'killing with nuclear weapon'

  • 10:58 19 November 2019
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DİYARBAKIR - A file was suited against dismissed Kulp Municipality Co- Mayors Mehmet Fatih Taş and Fatma Ay with the accusation of 'killing with nuclear, biologic and chemical weapons'. Prosecution requests 8 times aggravated life imprisonment.
An investigation was carried out against the Co-Mayors of Kulp Municipality, Mehmet Fatih Taş and Fatma Ay who were detained due to the explosion that killed 7 people on September 12 in the Beyrok area of Ağaçkorur village of Kulp district of Diyarbakır is completed.
People's Democratic Party (HDP) District Co- Chair Mehmet Abidin Karaman, Kulp Municipality Science Affairs Director Şener Aktaş, Kulp Municipal Councilor Yücel Çete and digger operator Ümit Fidan are also on trial in scope of the investigation.
At the same time, Mehmet Emin Ay, who was rejected by the Supreme Board of Elections as a candidate for mayor who lost his relative Ahmet Ay in the explosion, is also on trial.
Nuclear weapon charge 
Co-Mayors Ay and Taş are being accused of 'Propagandizing a terrorist organization', 'voluntary manslaughter', 'Possession and distribution of hazardous material', 'disrupting the unity and territorial integrity of the state', 'Praising crime and the criminal', 'Killing by fire, flooding, destruction, submerging, bombing or with nuclear, biologic and chemical weapons' with the indictment accepted by Diyarbakır 9th High Criminal Court.
It was stated in the indictment that the investigation was launched due to the explosion in Kulp district that killed 7 people and injured 10.
Suspects rejected the claıms
In the indictment Co-Mayor Fatih Taş states that he was in Diyarbakır city center at the time of the incident, HDP Kul District Co- Chair Mehmet Abidin Karaman, denying the anonymous witness statement, stated that he was at his relative Ömer Kaya's wake at the time of the incident. 
Digger operator Ümit Fidan also rejected the accusations stating that he was working in Haçukan village at the time. 
In the indictment, due to the action allegedly carried out by the suspects, according to TCK's 302/1, 174 / 1-2 and 82/1-a-c articles, prosecution requested 8 times aggravated life imprisonment separately for each suspects.