Peer abuse in Mardin Type E Prison

  • 11:14 20 November 2019
  • News
MARDİN - It was revealed that last year in Mardin Type E Closed Prison 3 children exposed one child to sexual abuse.
It was learned that last year in December, three children held in Mardin Type E Closed Prison sexually abused and beaten a child. According to the child’s complaint  the investigation initiated, the indictment have been prepared by Mardin Chief Public Prosecutor's Office who requested that three children, who have the capacity to be called accused, to be sentenced in a trial .
The Court demands punishment of three children dragged into a crime
The indictment prepared by Mardin Chief Public Prosecutor's Office includes the following firm: ‘’the victim declares that three children in Mardin Type E Closed Prison on December 8, 2018 first beaten him and then sexually abused. Investigation proceedings were initiated by the Chief Public Prosecutor. They stated that the children in the same ward confirmed the simple offense of assault, but did not have the information on the crime of sexual abuse.’’
The Court declares: ‘’Children who are dragged into the sexual abuse will be judged by the Court. The decision on the implementation of the Specific Security Measures of Children in the Law No. 5395 is requested and claimed on behalf of the public. "
The 4th hearing will be held on March 13, 2020
3 hearings of the case in Mardin 5th High Criminal Court have been held so far in the capacity of Juvenile High Criminal Court. Following the abuse, each of the prisoners who were referred to different prisons were given statements by the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS) while accepting the assault in the incident and rejecting the accusation of abuse.
The next hearing of the case will be held on 13 March 2020 at the Mardin 5th High Criminal Court.
The prison did not provide information about the abuse
Again in the Mardin Type E Prison we wanted to get information about the abuse but the authorities answered:"We cannot provide any information. You need permission from the prosecution to get information. But there is no such information reaching us".