Number of people arrestedin Antep rises to 19

  • 12:10 21 November 2019
  • News
ANTEP - 6 more people out of the 57 HDP members were arrested in Antep who have been in custody for 7 days. While the number of arrests rises to 19, the proceeding of 29 people in the police station continues.
10 more people were referred to court who have been taken into custody during a police raid as a result of an investigation run by Antep Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.
People's Democratic Party (HDP) Şahinbey District Organization Co-Chair Mehmet Özkan, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Antep Provincial Organization Co-chair Nafi Demir, HDP former Provincial Co-Chair Güler Erat, HDP Şehitkamil Dİstrict Organization former Co- Chair Bircan Demir, HDP Antep Provincial Organization Treasurer Kasım Şan and Nesibe Çınar were arrested and sent to Antep Type H Closed Prison. 
HDP PM member Ömer Faruk Koç, HDP Antep Provincial Organization manager Hamza Bayındır, Mahmut Aycan and Mustafa Yücel were released on condition of judicial control.
Of the 57 people who have been in custody since November 14, 27 have been brought to court. 19 people were arrested, while the proceeding of 29 continues at the police station.