TGS Women to say ‘We are here’ on November 25

  • 12:43 21 November 2019
  • News
ISTANBUL - TGS LGBTI Women's Commission take the streets with the slogan “We are here too’’ on 25th of November on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Commission member Gülfem Karataş said that they will draw attention to the women journalists and the difficulties they are experiencing and invited women to take the streets.
Every year thousands of women in Turkey at home, at work, on the street suffer from violence. Hundreds of women are being slaughtered by men. Hundreds are exposed to mobbing and sexual harassment. Many women are raped. The way that male violence against women is reflected in the media reflects the media's view of women. The masculine language and point of view in the news served once again victimizes the woman. Turkey Journalists Union (TGS), LGBTI and Women Commission will say ‘We are here too’ against the violence against women in Taksim,Tünel. TGS LGBTI and Women Commission member Gülfem Karataş said that they have been working on the report publishing for the last three years.
‘We will be on the streets with the slogan ‘We are here too ‘
Gülfem also pointed out to the importance of November 25,said: "Women journalists in Turkey go through the same problems like the other women. We're part of the same community. We are exposed to the same gender perceptions. We are exposed to the same violence. There is a perception that women journalists are educated and have the capacity to defend their rights. However, social perception works on us in the same way. It is more difficult to say when we are exposed to violence in our workplace or in our private lives. Because we look educated, there is a perception that we will never be subjected to violence. This causes the women to be repressed once again and this causes us not to express the violence we have been exposed to. We will go out on November 25th as we did last November. We will take the streets. We will have our own private banners in order to draw attention to the problems faced by female journalists. ”
Stating that they will be in the fields with the slogan “We are here too ’’ Karataş invited all women to take the streets.