Kurdish writers and artists came together under the name ‘Language and Culture Network ’

  • 16:19 23 November 2019
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DIYARBAKIR - Kurdish writers, artists, intellectuals and politicians came together under the name "Language and Culture Network". Children's Association President Cevahir Sadak Duzgun, drew attention to the Kurdish language and culture
In Diyarbakır, many writers, intellectuals, artists and politicians, including Kurdish Pen Co-President Sami Tan, People's Democratic Party (HDP) Diyarbakır MP İmam Taşçıer, MED-DER Co-President Mine Karakaş, writer Selim Temo, Renas Jiyan and Roza Metina came together at the meeting "Language and Culture Network". The meeting held at a hotel in Sur and will last for two days.
‘We put an objective in front of us ’
In his opening speech, Cevahir Sadak Düzgün, President of  ‘Children's First Association’, drew attention to Kurdish language and culture and said that a meeting on language and culture was held between August 31st  and September 1st and the practical step of this meeting was today. Cevahir stated that they put a study in front of them in order not to lose Kurdish culture and language.
‘We aim to create maps’
Co-chairperson of the Kurdish Pen Sami Tan said that they wanted to carry out a comprehensive discussion on Kurdish language and culture and as a result they aimed to draw a map about Kurdish language in front of them. Emphasizing that they call different philosophers to the meeting because they attach importance to different thoughts, Sami said that the discussion will contribute to Kurdish language and culture.
After the speeches, the meeting continued closed to the press. The result of the two-day meeting will be announced to the public at a press conference tomorrow.