Hazro’s Mufti charged with sexual assault and sentenced to 26 years in prison

  • 13:45 2 December 2019
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DIYARBAKIR - Hazro’s Mufti Ismail Kaya who sexually assaulted a woman working in a Quran course is sentenced to 26 years, 2 months and 15 days in prison.
It was found out that on May Ismail Kaya sexually assaulted H.Y who worked in the Quran course. The trial of the case against Ismail Kaya on 3 separate charges was held at Diyarbakır 1st High Criminal Court on November 28. Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor charged the defendant Ismail Kaya with “blackmailing ”, “depriving the person of liberty by using threat or fraud” and ‘’sexual assault by chaining ‘’ which caused him to be sentenced to 26 years, 2 months and 15 days of prison. After the trial Ismail Kaya was sent to prison.
The incident is found out due to the complaint of H.Y.
In her application to the Diyarbakır Public Chief Prosecutor's Office on May 29, H.Y said that Hazro's Mufti Ismail Kaya wanted to marry her although he was already married. After her objection, he forced her to get in his car then sexually assaulted her. The defendant was blackmailing and threatening her. The Diyarbakir Public Chief Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation against Ismail Kaya.
H.Y. was threatened to withdraw her application
The defendant Ismail Kaya was taken into custody on May 30. Ismail Kaya, who denied the accusations in his testimony, did not accept the blackmailing and threat charges. On May 31 H.Y., as a result of threats and pressure, went to the Public Chief Prosecutor's Office and withdrew her complaint.  The defendant was released by the Diyarbakır 4th Penal Court of Peace on May 31.
Within the scope of the investigation conducted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, H.Y. and İsmail Kaya were dismissed.
The criminal case was launched
Even though H.Y.'s complaint was withdrawn, a public lawsuit was filed by Diyarbakır Public Chief Prosecutor's Office. The Diyarbakir Public Chief Prosecutor did not close the file and prepared an indictment against Hazro‘s Mufti Ismail Kaya for “blackmailing”, “depriving the person of liberty by using threat or fraud” and ‘’sexual assault. ‘’
Final hearing was held on November 28
It is determined with the judicial examination that H.Y was wounded due to the last sexual assault. Also a file with the threat messages sent via whatsApp by the Mufti is presented to the trial. Ismail Kaya was charged with “blackmailing”, “depriving the person of liberty by using threat or fraud” and ‘’sexual assault ‘’. 
Sentenced for 3 different crimes
 The court decided to sentence the defendant to 17 years and 6 months for the sexual assault, 5 years 7 months for ”deprivation of liberty, and 2 years 13 months and 15 days for blackmailing and 187 days for pecuniary penalty. The court also ordered the arrest of the accused.
 He was arrested and sent to prison.