Women’s preparation for winter in Kurdistan: It is both ecological and economic

  • 13:53 16 October 2017
  • News

URFA – As women’s preparation for winter has already begun in Kurdistan, Saniye Bayram says the preparation for winter is both ecological and economic.

In fact, the women in Kurdistan begin to the preparation for winter on the first months of summer, during the first growing season. The women collect the vegetables from their gardens or they go to vegetables markets to buy fresh vegetables. Saniye Bayram is one of these women and she began the preparation for winter a long time ago.

Saniye said she had dried the vegetables and they wouldn’t have any problem in winter. Saying that dried tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, okras, tarhana, zucchinis and cucumbers are consumed more, Saniye added, “Drying eggplants and cucumbers is more difficult than others. You should carve them without tearing them. We don’t just dry vegetables or tarhana (a kind of soup consumed in winter), we also make fruit roll ups, grape molasses and dessert like delight.”

The most difficult is making tarhana

Noting that the most difficult is making tarhana, Saniye told how they make tarhana as follows; “We first peel the tomatoes after washing them. Then, we chop onion, garlic, parsley, mint, dill, red pepper, salt, chili pepper and goat cheese and mix them. Then these ingredients are mixed with yoghurt and flour is added to them. We add about three kilos of flour to it for four days and knead it in the morning and evening. And then we dry it and cut it in small pieces. All vegetables we dry are both ecological and economic.”