40 women killed, 25 women subjected to sexual violence in October

  • 10:18 5 November 2017
  • News
ANKARA- In Turkey, men killed at least 40 women, inflicted violence on 25 women and sexually abused 32 children in October. Men killed at least 339 women in the first nine months of 2017.
As violence against women during AKP government’s 15-year reign increased by 1500 percent, this data is increasing day by day. Sexual discourse of the state authorities, encouraging judicial decisions and ongoing war policies in the country puts women's lives in danger.
40 women killed in October
Every day, women are killed by men or men they do not know. Men killed 37 women in January, 30 women in February, 35 women in March, 31 women in April, 39 women in May, 36 women in June, 36 women in July, 36 women in August, 37 women in September and they killed at least 40 women in October.
65% of the women were killed by the men they knew, 30% of women died suspiciously and 5% of women were killed by the men they didn’t know.
35% of women were killed because they wanted to divorce or break up their relationship. 15% of women were killed due to economic reasons.
In October, 25 women were subjected to sexual violence by men.
Men sexually abused 32 children in October.