Winter medicinal plants from the garden of Hatice…

  • 10:41 7 November 2017
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Filiz Zeyrek
ADANA – “I feel stronger by working and I can overcome all other difficulties in my life,” said Hatice Yüksel, who comes from Niğde to Adana to sell winter medicinal plants from her garden.
Hatice Yüksel (45) is living in the Çiftehan Town of Niğde’s Ulukışla district and she plants and dries medicinal plants in her garden. She produces spices from dried plants and come to Adana from Niğde to sell them. “As women, we are very strong; we have power to do everything we want as long as we know how to use this power,” said Hatice.
“I have worked ever since I could remember,” Hatice said she was engaged in farming all her life. She dries the medicinal plants such as mint, thyme and terebinth she planted in her garden and she goes to Adana three days a week to sell her products.
Call on women: We just need struggle
Stating that all her products are organic, Hatice said she did her job willingly. Hatice stated that the people of Adana like her spices, “I sell all of them quickly, and sometimes selling the products takes a long time. Not selling them is not problem for me; my products are long life products. I can sell them next time.”
Lastly, Hatice called on women; “Women can do everything as long as they fight. I feel stronger when I work and I can overcome all difficulties in my life. Women should start to form their own economy.”