Paper collector Zekiye calls for solidarity!

  • 11:32 27 December 2017
  • News
Filiz Zeyrek
ADANA - Zekiye Polat, who lives in Adana, walks around almost everywhere in the city with a huge paper collection car despite her age. Zekiye, who has many illnesses and says, "My legs do not carry me and the car", expects solidarity from all the sensitive people.
Zekiye Polat get her life by collecting papers in almost every district and street of Adana for 25 years. 61-year-old, Zekiye takes care of 2 grandchildren at the same time. Saying "I struggle for their future", Zekiye says that she has resisted against poverty for years. Struggling to set up a new future for his grandkids among the old papers, Zekiye calls all sensitive people for solidarity.
‘I am slogging away anymore’
Zekiye stated that she has worked since her childhood and has struggled to stand on her own feet. She said, “I raised my 4 children without help of anyone. They get married. Now I look at 2 grandchildren. But I'm not as young as when I raised my children. I'm having a hard time now.”
She can earn her keep!
"Nobody understands anyone," Zekiye continued, saying that she repeatedly applied to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy to get funding from social assistance, but they replied, "You can earn your keep."
"If they do not help a woman who is in my situation, who are they helping?" Zekiye asked, "I am poor since my childhood times and I am a patient of heart and blood pressure. The price of water, electricity and tube are very high. We are hungry when I don’t go to work. However, I have difficulty in walking anymore.”
‘Please help my grandchildren’
 Zekiye said that the bread fight that starts in the first light of the morning lasts until late at night, "My feet are not carrying me anymore and the car. I have to do housekeeping, cooking, and housework when I go home as if this is not enough ".
Zekiye also expressed the risk of infection among the garbage, and said, "I have to put my hands in the garbage. That's why I get sick sometimes. Nobody gives a job to a woman at this age".
Lastly, she calls for solidarity for all sensitive people: "I am asking for help from charities. I want my grandchildren to not be poor like me at least, please help them.”