Families don’t sign, TOKİ slows down construction

  • 09:07 20 January 2018
  • News
MARDİN - TOKİ, which are started to construct after the conflicts in Nusaybin, were slowed down on the refusal of the signatures by the families who do not want TOKI construction in their neighborhoods. The liaison office wants them to apply for a "reconciliation commission” sending a message to the families every day".
The lands in which the hundreds of houses had been demolished during “curfew” process were assigned to TOKİ in Nusaybin district of Mardin. On March 30, 2017, seven workers were injured while one worker lost his life in TOKI constructions. The construction of the TOKİs stated to be delivered at the new year’s day, is slowed down by the intensity of the number of non-signing families while the liaison office wants families to apply for a "reconciliation commission” sending three or four messages to the families in a day.
Delegations of AKP visited
TOKİ buildings, where electricity poles and water canals have exploded many times due to the construction, have been visited by dozens of AKP delegations up to today. The statements made by AKP Provincial Head Mehmet Ali Dündar were as follows: “We expect the delivery of houses from the beginning of the year in these 4 districts in Nusaybin where more than 4,700 dwellings are built at the same time. We hope that we will bring a modern city that will become liveable in the near future in Nusaybin.” The citizens, who have become homeless due to the TOKİs about one year, reacted against these statements.
Dead bodies and ammunition are still taken out!
It was claimed that ammunition was found in TOKİ area where one more dead body was taken out on last October. Hundreds of citizens called for coming to "reconciliation commission" are asked to be persuaded because they have not signed. The commission and liaison office, which sends 3-4 messages in a day to dozens of non-signatory families, also cuts rent subsidies for non-signatory members.
Non-signatory families are threatened by saying, "Then, keep on staying in the rent".