‘We will tear off those uniforms and throw on your face’

  • 12:26 20 January 2018
  • News
Şehriban Aslan
DİYARBAKIR - The prisoner’s relatives, who say that they will grow this struggle from outside against the “one-type” uniform imposition wanted to be actualized in prisons, added, “We won’t put this process on the prisoner’s shoulders. We will collaborate and we will throw those uniforms on their face after tearing off them.”
The reactions of prisoners’ relatives against imposition of “one-type” uniform, declared by statutory decree with the law no.696 on the grounds of emergency decree, are growing up. Stating that torture and right violations are deepening in prisons day by day and “one-type” imposition come to the “climax”, the families said that they will grow their resistance outside.
‘We won’t accept’
One of relatives of prisoner, Olcay İlhan said that he went to visit in Elazığ Prison after the “one-type” imposition brought to the agenda and the prisoners told him that they wouldn’t go to visit and they wouldn’t accept this imposition. Saying that “one-type” uniform practice is humiliating, Olcay said, “We have to come together as families to support the prisoners. It wasn’t accepted on September 12 and it won’t be accepted now. Everyone knows what happened on September 12 process. We must be in solidarity now as parents and support our children and relatives, in order to avoid the same things.”
‘One-type is the line of our prisoners’
Emphasizing “one-type” is the red line of prisoners, Şeriban Uyanık, whose her daughter and her sister are in prison said, “You can never consider a system, which takes the bones out from their graves, as if it is normal. They are trying to put “one-type” uniforms on our children as if it was not enough. Our children say, 'we will not wear those clothes,' then we will do whatever necessary. We will do our best.They are deceiving everybody using Muslimism. You are not real Muslims.”
‘We won’t lumber the prisoners with this process
Şehriban, who said that "one type" clothes should be put on those who steal, not political prisoners, continued as follows: “We won’t want our children to do something in prison. Whatever their part is, we will do. We won’t lumber the prisoners with this process.We trust our experiences” and called all relatives of prisoners to struggle.