‘We made Kobanê like Stalingrad, Efrîn will be Vietnam’

  • 10:56 27 January 2018
  • News
Devrim Amed-Zeynep Kızılırmak
QAMISHLO - “Rojava is the will of the oppressed peoples of the world.  We will make Afrin like Vietnam how we made Kobanê like Stalingrad,” said Beritan Asya spokesperson of the People's Union and Solidarity Commune.
Turkish attacks on Afrin has entered eighth day while the reaction to the attacks is increasing. The People's Union and Solidarity Commune (HBDK) Spokesperson Beritan Asya said they would never leave alone Afrin Canton of Rojava that is the hope of the world revolutionary movements. Noting that the revolution has been tried to be strangled first by Al Nusra and then by Daesh since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution, Beritan recalled that these gangs were lastly defeated in Raqqa.
Pointing out that Turkey has been involved in this issue after Daesh was defeated particularly by the will of women, Beritan continued to speak as follows; “Erdoğan has launched an invasion attacks in order to strangle the gains of Kurdish women and the revolution and these took place while the whole world was watching. An invasion attack has continued for 78 days.”
‘The peoples will not allow’
Highlighting that Turkey’s attacks are a violation of international conventions, Beritan added, “Erdoğan wants to destroy the gains of the Kurdish people and he is deepening the hostility against the Kurds. International powers, particularly USA and Russia, support these attacks by dealing with Turkey. But these will not be allowed.
‘Women like Arin, Sarya and Destan resisted and won’
The resistance in Kobanê was the beginning of the end for Daesh. Those who attack Afrin are headed for a fall like in Manbij and Raqqa.  We will not give passage to invasion in Afrin how we did in Kobanê, Manbij and Raqqa. We will resist like Arin, Sarya and Destan did with their self-power. We will make Afrin like Vietnam how we made Kobanê like Stalingrad.
‘Everyone should defend Afrin’
The defeat of Rojava means the fall of Efrîn, it means the breaking of the will and hope of oppressed people around the world. For this reason, all people in the world should support the resistance of the peoples. Everyone calling themselves as revolutionary and progressivist should take their places in the defense of Afrin. Day is the day of standing up for Afrin. As free and socialist women, we stand up for this resistance. The attack on Afrin is the attack on the will of women, we will not allow this as we did before.”