Sur, cats, Beritan and Zınar

  • 15:07 1 February 2018
  • News
Medine Mamedoğlu
DİYARBAKIR - Some still keep resisting in Sur called, “There is no one left”. Cats, pigeons, Zınar, Beritan and their tent is still resisting in their huge space against the historical loot.
Curfew declared in Sur district of Diyarbakır on December 2, 2016 lasted for months. Demolition was started in historic Alipaşa and Lalebey neighborhoods under the name of “urban transformation” following the lifting of the curfew in the district. After the demolition that began in May of 2017, only cats, pigeons and a huge space remain behind.
Hasırlı, Savaş, Cemal Yılmaz neighborhoods were looted
Diggers began to demolish in four neighborhoods following the statement saying “Operation was ended” on March 9, 2016. Despite statements saying, “Just destroyed buildings will be pulled down”, on March 25, 2016 an “urgent expropriation” was declared for 82% of the places of Sur by a cabinet decision upon request of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. After the declaration, Hasırlı, Savaş, Cemal Yılmaz neighborhoods were looted.
Sur was demolished, burned but not rebuilt like Toledo
The government made several statements saying, “We will rebuild it like Toledo” and “A lot of tourists will visit” to cover the loot in the district. After two years, the shop owners are about to close their shops, the garbage hasn’t been collected, drug use and prostitution have increased.
This is Toledo of the AKP
Outposts have been built on every corner in the district and six more outposts will be built in the district. Houses calling “Traditional houses” and cafes, boutique hotels and “entertainment centers” have been built in the district.
Everyone played ostrich
As everyone played ostrich against the demolition of Sur, two more neighborhoods became a new center of demolition. The people of Sur resisted for months after the diggers were sent to the neighborhoods. After notice saying “Leave your houses” was sent to the people in January, 38 streets were declared as the streets to be demolished. The people of Sur didn’t leave their houses despite demolition decision.
A space and two houses…
The people of Sur lived without water and electricity for one month and they faced threats by police. A huge space and two houses remain from the demolition started in May of 2017 and lasted for seven months. Resisting families were threatened and beaten and forced out of their houses.
Beritan, Zınar, cats and pigeons are still in Sur
We met Beritan and Zınar while walking in the district. Zınar’s big eyes and Beritan’s smile face welcome the people visiting the district. Some people are still resisting in Sur called, “There is no one left”. Cats, pigeons, Beritan, Zınar and their tent aren’t collapsed and still resisting the loot in the huge space.