Women of Diyarbakır enter the square with the slogans 'Long live resistance of Afrin'

  • 14:55 8 March 2018
  • News
DİYARBAKIR - Women of Diyarbakır who came to the rally held on the Station Square due to March 8 International Women's Day, started to enter the square with the slogans of " Long live resistance of Afrin." 
In Diyarbakır, the entries started to the rally on the occasion of March 8 International Women's Day in Station Square.
The women colored the square with their national dresses, colors and ululations. The women who came to rally said they came to give voice to Afrin, to be the voice for freedom of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, the women who are murdered, harassed and abused, and children.
'We will be at squares to the end'
Yıldız Kardeş who came to rally said " Today we came here and the took us inside as late as they can, but no matter how long they stopped us we will go to the square. We came for Women's Day.  Massacares are stopped, why there is a war, it is not even clear. They said there are no Kurds, attack Afrin; but they should know that Afrin is Kurds' Afrin. What is Erdoğan in Afrin for? We are here for  childrens are killed, mothers and people. We will fight to the last drop of our blood. No matter, if you accept Kurds or not, we are exist. We are here for the people whom are slaughtered there, we will stnad up to the last drop of our blood."
"We said we are Kurds,  they don't accept; but we are exist" said Yıldız,  continued: " Even if they take us late, we are here until we get inside. Polices said to me "You get beat up at home and come here for seeking your rights" and I said " You made them like this with your laws, as long as it is like that we are at the squares."
'New laws should be issued'
Hediye Mitan who came to rally said "We came here for Women's Day. From now on new laws should be issued, children and women not be abused and raped anymore. When we hear these things, we can not bare any more. All of these children and women are our  children and women"
'We came for freedom of our Leader'
Aynur Yeşilkaya also said that we are here for ourselves, we came to shout out to creating free living space. Aynur said "There is a war in Afrin, civilians and children are being massacred. The World just watch this." We came here for saying "No war", "Mothers shouldn't cry", "Children shouldn't be massacred". Women should rebel now. She also noted "My main reason of being here is to want to freedom for our leader".
Sultan Ulus also noted that we want to stop the massacre in Afrin and said " There is a resistance and this resistance should be displayed everyday, not just today. We came here for new laws."
The women came from Lice ululate and shout slogans "Long live reistance of Afrin" at the entrance.