Women of Istanbul: Turkey commits a crime against humanity in Afrin

  • 10:31 19 March 2018
  • News
ISTANBUL – “It doesn’t matter if you are Kurdish or not, everyone should stand up for Afrin. Women and children are being killed,” said the women in Istanbul, who reacted to the bombardment of the Avrin Hospital and stated that Turkey commits a crime against humanity.
As Turkish attack on Afrin has continued on its 59th day, many civilians have been killed in the attacks until now. Two days ago, warplanes bombed the Avrin Hospital located in the Afrin city center. Women living in Istanbul reacted to the attack on hospital and civilians.
‘I am calling on everyone to react’
Saadet Yuvacı stated that the hospitals shouldn’t be attacked no matter what the war condition is and Saadet continued to speak as follows; “The shooting of women and children is a crime against humanity. Turkey should take a step back. The hospitals aren’t attacked; the places where civilians live aren’t attacked in any war but Turkey breaks this rule. I am calling on all people to react to stop the killing of civilians.”
‘A crimes against humanity’
Ayten Kavak also reacted to the attacks in Afrin and she said, “Why are women and children killed in Afrin? This is a crime against humanity. Everyone should stand up for Afrin no matter if you are Kurdish or not.”
‘They try to invade the Kurdish lands’
Türkan Özkaynak said, “Kurdish people face just massacres both in Turkey and Kurdistan. They have such a hate that they are trying to invade even a Kurdish lands having no borders. We will greet Afrin in Newroz areas. Afrin is the value of the Kurdish people.”