If Women’s Center becomes ‘Family Center’: Cake, sewing and embroidery

  • 10:10 1 April 2018
  • News
DİYARBAKIR - Meya Women’s Center, a space for women subjected to violence, in Silvan district of Diyarbakır has been converted into “Meya Family Support Center” by the trustee appointed to the municipality. And the courses provided by the women’s center for the women become cake, sewing and embroidery courses.
Trustees were appointed to Democratic Regions Party (DBP)-held 28 municipalities in September, 2016 and Silvan Municipality was one of them and the district governor Murat Kütük was appointed to the municipality as a trustee by an emergency decree. Murat Kütük, known as the person hiring his relatives after being appointed, converted Meya Women’s Center into Meya Family Support Center. And he fired all women working for the women’s center. After the change of the center’s name, the appointed trustee changed the courses of the center. The English and computer courses have been turned into cake, sewing and embroidery courses.
Women forced to attend the AKP’s rallies
The women, who attended the courses, were reportedly forced to attend the AKP’s rallies and they were told, “You have to attend these”. And the employees of the family support center reportedly tell the women subjected to violence, “We cannot help you here, and you should go to the District Governorate.”