Displaced women of Afrin: We are the real owners of these lands

  • 11:34 1 April 2018
  • News
Sozda Oremar
SHEHBA - The women forcibly displaced from Afrin to Tilrifat stated that they didn’t afraid, they got out Afrin to save their children from the massacre, “We fled from barbarism but we didn’t leave our lands. We are the real owners of these lands,” said the women.
Hundreds of thousands of people, who were forcibly displaced due to the attacks of Turkish army and its backed groups on Afrin, keep their resistance to maintain their life with limited means in place they take shelter. Elmas Ecem is one of the women of Afrin taking shelter in Tilrifat district of Shehba Canton. She emphasized that they resisted for 58 days under fires of warplanes, tanks, artillery and howitzer and that they keep their resistance in places they are.
Noting that they never thought to leave Afrin, Elmas said, “Numerous civilians were killed when warplanes attacked the city center. We got out Afrin and came to Tilrifat district of Shehba in order to prevent more massacres. We don’t want to stay here; we want to return to our lands. Everyone should live on their lands. We didn’t take and invade the others lands from them. Why did they invade our lands?”
‘We are the real owners of these lands’
Mentioning the Turkish statements saying they will attack Tilrifat, Elmas continued as follows; “Now they are saying the people in Ezaz want the Kurdish people to leave Tilrifat. Okay, we want the gangs to leave Afrin and we want to return to our lands. If the people of Ezaz want Tilrifat, why did they invade our Afrin? We didn’t invade Ezaz or Tilrifat. We don’t know where these gangs came from but we are the real owners of these lands. We demand our lands.”
‘We saw Turkey’s hostility’
Leyla Hesen, meanwhile, appealed to the AKP Leader and President Tayyip Erdoğan as follows; “What does Erdoğan want from us? What will he achieve when he takes our lands and kills our people? He collected all barbaric gangs’ members in the world and sent them to attack us. We aren’t afraid of them. We got out Afrin to save their children from the massacre. We saw the hostility of Turkey and gangs against the babies, children, youths, women and elders. We are ready to sacrifice our life in order to go back to Afrin. We cannot live without our lands.”