‘People of Afrin continue their resistance in Shehba’

  • 11:24 3 April 2018
  • News
Lilav Eli-Tolin Mihemed
SHEHBA - Kongreya Star Diplomacy Committee member Fatma Lekto stated that the people of Afrin, who were forcibly displaced to Shehba Canton, will continue their resistance. Fatma also called on human rights organizations to meet the people’s basic needs.
The people of Afrin, who were forcibly displaced from Afrin to Shehba Canton due to the attacks of Turkey and its backed groups on Afrin, continue to resist. Two days ago, the people taking shelters in camps and surrounding villages called on international community to take a step for their safety in order to return Afrin. Kongreya Star Diplomacy Committee member Fatma Lekto pointed out the difficulties the people face.
Recalling that the people resisted against tanks, warplanes and howitzers for 58 days, Fatma said, “A barbaric attack was carried out on Afrin region and its villages, two-month-old babies were killed. Genocide was carried out against the people of Afrin. On the 58th day of the resistance, Afrin was invaded by invading Turkish state. But civilians pass through carnage every day. The people were decided to leave Afrin and to go to Shehba Canton to be protected.”
‘People live under difficult conditions’
Indicating that the Shehba Canton is geographically small, Fatma continued to speak as follows; “A camp was built in Shehba Canton to resist. The people have lived under difficult conditions since the Turkish state looted and invaded the people’s houses. They live in camp but they need many things. They need baby food, bread, water and medicines. Our people should be aware towards this. Our people will resist in Shehba how they did in Afrin.”
‘Don’t stay silent anymore’
Fatma called on the United Nations (UN) and human rights organizations as follows, “Don’t stay silent anymore and look at the situation of the people of Afrin. Their life is hard. The silence of these organizations means they support the barbarism of Erdoğan.”