Call for awareness against torture in Bayburt and Patnos

  • 09:08 8 April 2018
  • News
MARDİN - Many patient prisoners in Patnos L-type Prison haven’t been treated for months while the prisoners in Bayburt M-type Prison have faced to count, even the children haven’t received food in the prison. The prisoners and their relatives call for awareness about the situation in prisons.
After the declaration of the state of emergency in Turkey, the condition in the prisons is getting worse day by day. Patnos L-type Prison and Bayburt M-type Prison have remained on the agenda for torture and arbitrary disciplinary punishments against the prisoners. The prisoners sent a message to report what they face in the prisons through their relatives visited them.
Call for speaking out for the prisoners
In their message, the prisoners held in Patnos L-type Prison said that many patient prisoners have waited for being sent to the hospital to be treated for months. Expressing that only a doctor serves in the infirmary and the doctor doesn’t treat the most of the prisoners, the prisoners said the underclothes, radio and books were taken from them and haven’t been given back to them, when they demand these back, the prison administration told them, “Go and buy from canteen”. The prisoners also said they couldn’t find the things they want to buy in the canteen.
‘The prisoners have waited for being treated in hospital for months’
Nure Terlak said tens of prisoners hadn’t been treated for months and tuberculosis spread in the prison day by day. “Children and young people have been tortured in the prison for months. We have enough, we have water problem since the prison was opened. All prisoners cannot take medicine and they haven’t been taken to the hospital. The prisoners having heart attack are taken to the hospital after one or two weeks.”
‘Pressure and torture cannot intimidate us’
Stating that they also face torture while going to the prison to see their relatives, Nure pointed out that the family members who have poor financial situation, have been prevented from seeing their relatives in prison by exiling their relatives to the prisons far away them. Mentioning that the families have also been subjected to pressure and psychological violence while visiting their relatives in the prison, Nure said, “They do the same thing each time. They disturb us while they search us. But the pressure and torture cannot intimidate us or the prisoners. We resisted and we will resist.”
Military count in Bayburt
The prison administration of Bayburt M-type Prison has forced all prisoners, even three-year old child, to be counted and the prisoners usually face cell confinement. The prisoners informed their families about what they face and they said more than 10 women had suffered from food poisoning. The prisoners also underlined that the patient prisoners haven’t been allowed to even buy medicine by themselves.
‘Letters sent to prisoners were seized’
The prisoners stated that the letters sent to them were seized and that the wardens arbitrarily raided on their wards every day.
No food to the children
The children aged between three, five and 10 have lost weight because only tomatoes and cucumbers have been given them. The relatives of the prisoners reacted to the ongoing situation in the prison and called for awareness and for speaking out for the prisoners.