‘I will not be trapped inside four walls’ says Alev, a visually impaired street artist

  • 10:41 8 April 2018
  • News
IZMIR - A visually impaired Alev İşler, who breathes new life into the streets of Izmir province by singing, does her job after breaking the barriers of family, society and state. The greatest problem of Alev is the pressure of the municipal police.
A visually impaired Alev İşler, who signs in separate districts of Izmir province, attracts the attention of people with her clear voice. Emphasizing that she was trapped inside four walls due to wrong policies against persons with disabilities, Alev has challenged to the obstacles. Alev said her son prevented her from singing on the streets because of the people, who think street artists are ‘begging’. For this reason, Alev sings songs on the streets without his knowledge. Stating that the people with disabilities want a life to live freely, Alev emphasized that she faces restrictions in many places and that social rights are insufficient. One of the greatest problems of Alev is ‘the pursuit’ of the municipal police and she said it was a dishonorable situation. Alev said, “Abilities of many people are trapped inside houses. Instead of being trapped inside houses, standing on our own legs gives us more moral.”
‘We can stand on our own legs if they don’t be barrier’
Alev said the citizens liked her voice and the way she sings the songs very much and she continued to talk as follows; “I demand them to open the floodgates of the barriers the people with disabilities face. They shouldn’t think the people with disabilities cannot do anything and will always be trapped inside four walls. All of us have different abilities. We can stand on our legs if they don’t be barriers for us. Don’t be barriers for the people with disability.”