‘Women should write and draw their lives and dreams’

  • 11:33 8 April 2018
  • News
MALATYA - Halise Özdemir, who is addicted to painting, displays her art and maintains her life through her oil paintings. Halise is very happy to bring women and canvas together in her paintings.
Halise Özdemir (28) draws the freedom in woman's soul, social events and different lives in her paintings. “Women are creators of art and culture. Women should write and draw their lives and dreams,” said Halise while talking about why she uses women in her paintings. Halise said she sold her paintings to cover her educational costs and she added, “I am a student having three children. I am a student at Department of Social Services of İnönü University. I continue my education, to take care of my children and to draw paintings together. For me, drawing paintings is not a barrier for my education and children.”
‘Painting is life and hope’
Expressing that painting art is a passion for her, Halise explained how she turned her passion into profession as follows; “I have drawn since I was a child. I drew whenever I had time. Then, I attended a painting course and I learned new techniques there. I improved myself in time. I tried to reflect the women’s problems in my paintings. I also tried to reflect the hope. Painting is life and hope for me.”
‘Women should improve themselves in every sphere of life’
Stating that the women are inherently creative and productive, Halise appealed to the women as follows; “Labor is sacred. Feel free to exhibit your labor and try to improve yourselves in every sphere of life. Take a pencil just now and try to write or draw something. Never give up producing.”