Female bakers of Doğanşehir

  • 11:23 14 April 2018
  • News
Gülistan Azak
MALATYA - Zeynep and Nesibe Ürkmez sisters bring a breath of fresh air to bakery, which is thought of as “a man's job” in Doğanşehir district of Malatya province.
Zeynep and Nesibe Ürkmez sisters, who live in Doğanşehir district of Malatya province, refuse gender roles and build up their own lives. The aim of Nesibe and Zeynep, who have opened a bakery in the district, is to show how women can do a good job in this sector.  “We have showed all people in the district that the bakery is not only men’s job,” Zeynep said they also cooked 2000 lahmacuns (looks like a pizza with spicy meat filling but without cheese) every day.
‘Women can do all jobs’
Stating that the people are surprised when they see the women cooking breads, Zeynep said, “I feel proud of showing the women’s strength and success in my district. We cook the breads for all districts, it is difficult and tiring but we manage to overcome it. We should resist all difficulties in order to maintain our family. Women can do all jobs. Women can be auto mechanic, a driver and a baker; they just need to be determined.”
‘Pioneer of agriculture is also women’
Underlining that the secret of success is passion and self-confidence, Nesibe said, “We should break the stereotype that “women cannot do”. Women are those who found wheat and invented agriculture. Women are productive. Women are the pioneer of bread and labor. Women should keep their struggle for labor and form employment areas.”