Latin American Lêgerîn Çiya sent off on an eternal journey

  • 10:31 21 April 2018
  • News
DERİK - Latin American doctor Alina Sanchez (nom de guerre Lêgerîn Çiya) has been sent off on an eternal journey in Derik with the participation of her family and her colleagues.
A funeral ceremony was held in Derik district of Qamishlo city for Latin American doctor Alina Sanchez (nom de guerre Lêgerîn Çiya), who lost her life in a traffic accident in Heseke Canton of Rojava. Lêgerîn’s family, colleagues and hundreds of citizens from Kobanê and Cizîre cantons attended the ceremony. After a military ceremony at Martyr Xebat Cemetery, the message of the International Freedom Brigade was read. Jineology (Women’s Science) Center member internationalist Ronahî Sozdar made a speech in Spanish about the life and struggle of Lêgerîn.
‘I am proud of my daughter’
Lêgerîn’s mother Patrica said her daughter had gave importance to socialist struggle for her entire lifetime and sacrificed her life for this purpose. Patrica said that they had come to Derik to take her daughter’s body to Argentina but after seeing the fidelity of the people of Rojava she had decided to bury her daughter in Derik. “I am proud of my daughter,” said Patrica.
Sarina Zagros and Helin Dersim, who lost their lives in Afrin in March, were commemorated during the ceremony. After the speeches, Lêgerîn was sent off on an eternal journey.