Women resist in Afrin for 58 days

  • 11:29 21 April 2018
  • News
Lîlav Elî-Tolîn Muhemed
SHEHBA - “It was the philosophy and ideology of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan made the women resist and not leave Afrin. Women took this ideology and resisted,” said the women of Afrin, who had resisted in Afrin despite intense attacks and massacres lasted 58 days.
The people of Afrin didn’t leave their city for 58 days despite intense attacks and massacres. When Turkish army and its backed groups entered the city on March 18, the people had to migrate to Shehba Canton and they live in Berxwedan Camp built by the administrations of Afrin and Shehba cantons. The people of Afrin have decided to keep resisting in the camp. The women living in the Berxwedan Camp spoke of the resistance and attacks they had faced for 58 days.
‘They faced a fearless people against them’
Şediye Necar, who is a witness of the attacks on Afrin and also a part of the resistance in Afrin, said, “On January 20, thousands of the people of Afrin resisted against the NATO’s second biggest army and showed a a relentless struggle.  Everyone including women, children and elders held funeral ceremonies for their children killed while resisting despite all attacks on them. International forces and invaders, who faced a fearless people, made an alliance. The people never thought to leave the city; they were determined to keep their resistance in Afrin. But the people of Afrin had to migrate when the warplanes bombed the people and carried out massacres. Now, the people keep their resistance in Shehba Canton despite all the adverse conditions”
‘Our resistance comes from the ideology’
Resisting in Afrin Roşîn Xelîl said the people had kept their resistance despite all the technical powers of Turkey and its backed groups and she added, “The people of Afrin resisted for 58 days. The resistance of women came from the philosophy and ideology of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan. It was the philosophy and ideology of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan made the women resist and not leave Afrin. The women took this ideology and resisted. We faced very difficult conditions when we came to Shehba Canton. But our resistance is going on despite all difficulties. Our resistance comes from our ideology tradition.”
‘Our resistance will continue’
78-year-old Gulê Muhemed is one of the women resisted in Afrin. Saying that their lands have been invaded, Gulê continued to talk as follows; “The occupying powers have forcibly displaced our people. We want our lands. Thousands of our children were killed there. All states, particularly Turkish state, must know that they cannot break the Kurdish people. The people of Afrin will resist in Shehba as they did in Afrin. We will keep our resistance despite all difficulties. We take the resistance from the ideology of Abdullah Öcalan.”