Women of Van collect beets

  • 12:01 22 April 2018
  • News
VAN - With the arrival of spring, the women of Van gather near Van Castle and they collect beets and spend time together.
With the arrival of spring, the women begin to collect plants can be eaten on the foothills of the mountains and waterfront. The women of Van gather near historic Van Castle to collect beets.
‘We get out the narrow streets and get together with nature’
Hanım Akbaş is one of the women collecting beets near Van Castle. “We get out the narrow neighborhoods created by the irregular urbanization and get together with the nature with the arrival of spring. After doing our errands, we come to near the castle. The castle is near the lake so there are wetland areas. Edible plants grow here with the arrival of the spring season. We come here and collect beets whenever we have time,” said Hanım.
‘They are both health and delicious’
Halime Durmuş said they used the plants to cook after collecting them and she added, “We use most of these plants to cook cracked wheat. We dry the remained beets for the winter. First of all, we are getting rid of the sultry air of the city. The women should consume the beets for their health and give them to their children. The beets are also delicious.”
‘Beets are pretext to be in nature’
Ayşe Yağız said, “The women get together with the nature here. The nature is more useful than the medicines given by doctors. Collecting beets is just a pretext.”