Women of Afrin: We will return to our lands one day

  • 11:38 23 April 2018
  • News
SHEHBA -“People of Afrin stay in Shehba to return. The people still have hope, they will return to their lands one day,” said the women living in Serdem Camp built in Shehba Canton for the displaced people of Afrin.
Thousands of people had to migrate to Shehba Region due to the attacks of Turkey and its backed groups on Afrin. Berxwedan Camp was built for the displaced people of Afrin with the help of Heyva Sor a Kurd (Kurdish Red Crescent) led by Shehba Canton and assemblies of Afrin Canton. A second camp has been built in Shehba upon the need. The new built camp is named "Serdem Camp" and 300 tents have been set up in the camp. 200 families have lived in the camp now.
‘We can stand up to all difficulties for our honor’
Nifiyen Muhemed is one of the women living in the camp. Stating that they have faced many difficulties, Nifiyen said, “We can do everything for our honor. For this reason, these difficulties cannot test us. I want to appeal to all human rights organizations to not stay silent against this savagery.”
‘If they have technique then we have our resistance’
Xanım Muhemed underlined that they had a system in Afrin and they lived together peacefully. Criticizing the attacks on Afrin, Xanım said, “Everybody joined hands and attacked us. We resisted while they attacked and we resist to the end. As women, we will never bow. If the invaders have technique (referring to weapons) then we have our own will. Everyone knows that the technique used against us hasn’t been used in any war until now. But we resisted and we will resist to the end.”
Recalling that they lived with Arab and Turkmen peoples peacefully before the attacks, Emine Sido said, “They thought they could surrender us by attacking us. But they understood they were wrong. They used all kinds of technique when they faced our resistance and will. They should know very well that we will return to our lands.”
‘People still have hope’
One of the administrators of the camp Hevin Reşit said, “The people of Afrin had to migrate to Shehba Canton. Shehba is a small place as geography. It cannot host so many people. But the people of Afrin and Shehba have joined hands and lived together. The people of Afrin keep living in the camps. The people of Afrin stay in Shehba to return to Afrin. The people still have hope, they will return to their lands one day.”