17 families look for their children’s bodies for 2 years

  • 09:12 25 April 2018
  • News
ŞIRNAK - Bodies of 17 people, who lost their lives during the curfew declared in Şırnak’s Cizre district, haven’t been given to their families yet. Indicating that this situation has been turned into a torture for them, the families said, “Everybody should do their best.”
The longest curfew declared in Cizre district of Şırnak province was the one declared on December 14, 2015 and it was imposed for 79 days. The people of Cizre lived under bombs for days and hundreds of people were killed in the basements of house. Their bodies were sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute in many cities, including in Antep, Silopi and Urfa and the families were kept waiting for identification for days.
17 families have been looking for their children’s bodies for more than two years. Even though the families have given DNA samples many times, they haven’t got any result yet.
‘This situation has turned into torture for families’
Hezni Arslan, mother of Hacer Arslan reported to be killed in the first basement, stated that they received a document one month ago and it said their blood sample didn’t match any bodies. Emphasizing that this situation has turned into torture for the families, Hezni said, “For three years, we have asked ourselves “where are our children’s bodies” every day. Whenever I visit my son Sait’s grave, I say myself, “I wish my daughter’s grave was there and I was able to pray for her too’. I don’t know where my daughter is now.”
‘Maybe under TOKİ buldings’
Hezni thought the bodies might be in neighborhoods where TOKİ buildings are built and she said, “Maybe our children’s bodies are under the TOKİ buildings. No one should live in those houses. Who accept to live in houses built on our children’s bodies?”
‘Everybody should do their best’
Feyruz Uğun has tried to find her son Sercan Uğun’s body. Feyruz said, “We haven’t got any information even though three years have passed. They killed all our children and made their bodies to be lost. I demand our children’s bodies to be found immediately. Our situation is very difficult situation. Please do your best to find our children.”
Names of 17 people whose bodies cannot be found are as follows; Serdar Pişkin, Hacer Arslan, Abdülselam Güler, Sakine Durmuş, Osman Gökhan, Orhan Esmeray, Sercan Uğun,  Feride Yıldız, İdris Susin, Ruken Alparslan, Mardin Çelebi, Ali Aslan,  Cemal Pürnek, Mustafa Keçelanlu, Servet Aslan, Hüseyin Dervişi, Sercan Uğun.