Domestic worker Şadiye: Let’s take to the streets on May 1

  • 11:55 30 April 2018
  • News
İZMİR - Domestic worker Şadiye called on all women to take to the streets on May 1 to work in jobs that make them happy and to receive a recompense for their work.
Domestic worker Şadiye Gündoğan, who works six days a week by cleaning the houses to earn a livelihood, is getting ready to take to the streets on May 1, International Workers’ Day. Şadiye did many jobs such as selling cosmetic products and working as tailor and she has to do all the work at home every day. After giving a birth to a child, she stopped working as tailor and then she began to sell cosmetic products from her home. “There is labor exploitation in the sale of cosmetic products. We earn one fifth of the products we sold. You market the products and deliver them to the customers. You do everything but you earn less,” said Şadiye.
‘The money we receive doesn’t meet our labor’
Şadiye then began to work as domestic worker. “I stated to work alone and then I get a lot of works. I shared the works and money with my friends. Then other friends joined us. We get physically very tired. The money we receive doesn’t meet our labor but the people are thankful that they have a job in this period. At least I don’t financially depend on my husband.”
‘They do not take our job seriously’
Stating that they work at homes of the people, who violate their personal rights, are hard on them and humiliate them, Şadiye emphasized that the most problems they face are the expectation for too much work in short time to give less money. Şadiye said, “The sector called domestic workers has been formed at the present time. The companies have been opened and they employ the people for peanuts. Our biggest difficulty is not taken seriously. They don’t think domestic work is a job.”
‘Let’s take to the streets on May 1’
Stating that she wants a world where the workers and labor are protected, Şadiye’s message for May 1 is as follows; “I want a world where we don’t need work that much and where we do the jobs we like. I am calling on all women to take to the streets on May 1.”