Fikriye redesigns unused items against consumption culture

  • 16:09 6 May 2018
  • News
Gülistan Azak
MALATYA - Retired teacher Fikriye Bayır has redesigned unused items using various methods. “We must be a producing society,” said Fikriye while criticizing the consumption culture.
Fikriye Bayır (62) has redesigned unused items such as dining table, tray and tea table by using various methods. She aims to raise the awareness of people about consumption culture. Retired teacher Fikriye makes unused old items useful by applying renovation and design study on all kinds of wood.
‘We are collectivizing our labor with women’
Stating that she sometimes help the women to renovate their old items, Fikriye said, “Renovation and design are actually very easy and enjoyable job. I will continue to insist on women to redesign and renovate their old items. Because we forget how to produce. We will do a good job by collectivizing our labor with women.”
‘Women are productive and creative’
Fikriye called on women to stand by production not consumption and she said, “We are not a producing society now, unfortunately we are consuming everything. Women are productive, creative and talented. If you want to buy new furniture or if you are planning to buy but you don’t have money, don’t begin to thing “How can I buy it?” You can renovate your old furniture.”