Despite prosecutor’s permission, she cannot see her son subjected to troture

  • 10:00 8 May 2018
  • News
MARDİN - Torun Doğan, mother of Nurullah Doğan who was battered for greeting his friend in Elazığ No.1 High Security Prison, hasn’t been allowed to see her son despite the prosecutor’s permission. Torun called on public opinion to show awareness.
Prisoner Nurullah Doğan, who has been held in Elazığ No.1 High Security Prison, called his family and told them he had been battered by wardens in a room having no camera for greeting his friend in the prison. Nurullah, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison, has been held in the prison for five years and he was exiled to prison in Elazığ from the prison in Mardin province. His mother Torun Doğan said her son had been beaten until he lost consciousness and he hadn’t regained his consciousness for days. Expressing that her son has been held in a cell for a year and she has been able to see him just two times during this period, Torun said, “We are told ‘He is punished, you cannot see him’ when we go to the prison to see him. He hasn’t been allowed to talk to anyone and newspapers and books haven’t been given to him.”
‘We couldn’t see him despite the prosecutor’s permission’
Indicating that they got permission from the prosecutor to see Nurullah but the prison administration didn’t allow them to see him, Torun said, “His lawyer saw him after us and said our son wasn’t good. After torture, all of his body was damaged. How could they beat a person for greeting his friend? But my son and other prisoners will never bow to what is done. They will do nothing with torture and one-type uniform. My son has resisted alone in a cell for a year. They even cut off phone calls. We even cannot talk to him for 10 minutes.”
‘Don’t stay silent’
Mother Torun criticized the silence of people against what is going on in prisons and she said, “No one say something. If they gave me my son’s death body tomorrow and said he was ill, who would say what? The whole world stays silent. Let’s be voice of the prisons. Let’s don’t turn a blind eye to what is going on in the prison. My son resists there and I resist here. Delegation should be sent to the prison.”