Women’s electoral campaign: Vote for HDP for peace

  • 11:54 14 May 2018
  • News
ISTANBUL - The women carrying out electoral campaign with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) answer the question “Why HDP” as “Vote for the HDP for peace, for democracy, for the children and babies not to be killed.”
The electoral campaigns for the elections to be held on June 24 in Turkey continue at full steam. Women and youth take the lead for the electoral campaigns this year as every year. HDP female members, who lead the electoral campaign at the party’s n election campaign booths in cities, districts and neighborhoods, called on people to interlock around the HDP.
‘We will not take a step back’
Revolutionary Party member and candidate for nomination of the HDP Cansu Kalender commented on the upcoming elections and she said, “We don’t think the elections are legitimate. We think the elections are a game played over us again. But as young women, we invite the people to join our electoral campaign in streets, neighborhoods and squares, we talk to them to be polling clerk. Because we will not be deceived this time, we will break the game this time all together. Our votes are for the HDP for Selahattin Demirtaş.” Cansu also emphasized that they will not take a step back despite the pressures.
‘Why HDP’
Another Revolutionary Party member Eylül Gökçe pointed out the violence against women and she said, “This election period is a hard period for us. We insist and stubbornly explain why we choose the HDP, socialism and why we struggle.” Eylül answered our question ‘Why will you vote for the HDP’ as follows; “We will vote for the HDP for peace, for democracy, for the children and babies not to be killed. We will vote for the HDP to remove the male sovereignty mindset.”