Cutting of trees under name of ‘Huge service’!

  • 12:20 20 May 2018
  • News
MARDİN - The trees close to the road were cut off for the "Battı-Çıktı" project, which started last September and has been introduced to the people as “Huge service”.
Mardin Metropolitan Municipality is one of the 93 municipalities that trustees were appointed to by the statutory decree (KHK) issued under the state of emergency imposed in Turkey since July 21, 2016. The first thing the appointed trustees did was rebuilding the existing roads. The appointed trustee and Mardin Governor Mustafa Yaman was criticized by the people of Mardin many times before.
‘Huge service’ never ends!
The "Battı-Çıktı" project, which started on Diyarbakır Avenue last September and has been introduced to the people as “Huge service”, hasn’t been completed yet. The project, which isn’t known when will be completed and has caused the traffic mess in the city for months, has left the people in a difficult situation.
The trees in park were cut off for the road!
The diggers working within the scope of the project also destroy the nature. Tens of trees in the “15 Temmuz Park” were cut off for “enlarging the road”. The number of the trees to be cut off is claimed to increase.
‘No one takes measures against danger’
The citizens in the park said, “What kind of work is that? They have destroyed the road and park. An accident can happen on this road at any moment. No one takes measures against this. There are holes and diggers on the road. The children cross from the road every day.”