Arab women: Remember Afrin while going to the polls

  • 11:29 22 May 2018
  • News
Tolin Muhemed-Lilav Eli
SHEHBA – “As Arab women, we are ready to end the dictatorship,” said Shehba Assembly Co-chair Wefa Hisen, who stated that the peoples of Turkey should remember the attacks on Afrin while going to the polls.
The most important factor that will determine the choice of the people of Turkey who will go to the polls on June 24 in Turkey is the AKP’s war and oppression policies dragging the Turkey to the brink of war. Not only the Kurdish people but also the Arap people were forcibly displaced from Afrin after the attacks on Afrin and the Arab women are angry.
Shehba Assembly Co-chair Wefa Hisen said, “Speaking on behalf of all Arab women, I am telling that we don’t want Erdoğan and his backed gangs on our lands.” Wefa asked the peoples of Turkey to vote accordingly and she emphasized that AKP wanted the nationalist people to stand by it while attacking Afrin.
‘The peoples have formed their own assemblies again’
Indicating that the peoples of Afrin, particularly the Kurdish people, were wanted to leave without will, Wefa said that all people in the region have formed their own assemblies again and they have governed themselves.
‘No one can break this will’
Stating that the people will never leave their life built by their free will, Wefa said, “Thousands of people migrated to Shehba because they didn’t want to live under the dictatorship of Erdoğan and they have built their own system here. Erdoğan tries to win the elections to be held in Turkey by using all kinds of methods and means but he will fail.”
Stating that all Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen people have built a life on the basis of the democratic national philosophy of the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Wefa continued to speak as follows; “Erdoğan cannot cope with the people become conscious. He decided to hold the early election in order to camouflage his real face. Erdoğan will carry out more massacres if he is elected. Before going to the polls, everyone should think that Erdoğan will continue his atrocity everywhere like he carried out the massacres in Shehba, Afrîn, Sur, Şırnak, Cizir, Nusaybin and Gever. As Arab women, we are ready purify humanity from a dictator, let's do our human duty together.”