Alevi women supporting HDP: Let’s struggle together

  • 10:43 27 May 2018
  • News
ISTANBUL - “Let’s struggle together, HDP is for democratic country,” said the Alevi women, who stated that they will support the HDP in the elections to be held on June 24.
Turkey will go to polls on June 24 and the Alevi people, one of the marginalized sections for many years, will vote accordingly. “As Turkey’s Alevis, Kurds, Armenians, women and others, we will give our democratic response in all areas. We stand by the HDP in the elections,” said Selda Güneş, member of the Gazi Cemevi and Democratic Alevis’ Association.
‘We should rise up along with ‘others’’
An Arab Alevi Meryem Fehime Oruç stated that she had previously voted for the CHP (The Republican People's Party), “But I saw what had done in Maraş and Sivas was done by the CHP. I awake now. As Alevis, we shouldn’t stay silent against what is going on. Let’s unite under the umbrella of the HDP. Since they marginalize us, we should rise up along with the ‘others’.”
‘HDP is a guarantee for freedoms’
Dilek Odabaşı Bakır also stated that she supports the HDP. She said, “I hope that all other cultures will support the HDP. If they support, the dictatorial regime will collapse. If Selahattin Demirtaş is elected, if the HDP gets into the parliament, the journalists will be free, the thoughts will be free.”