Rabia encourages dozens of women with her work

  • 12:30 2 June 2018
  • News
Medine Mamedoğlu
MARDİN - Rabia Bülbül, has made a living by selling different cheeses made by herself in market place of Mardin’s Dargeçit district, has encouraged dozens of women with her work.
Women entering the work life by selling natural products in the Dargeçit district of Mardim province have offered their products to the market in Dargeçit district. Rabia Bülbül is one of these women and she has made different cheeses and sold them in the market for 20 years. Rabia began to sell her cheeses on the streets and then she decided to sell them in the market located in the district. “I have several cows and I make different cheeses,” Rabia said, “When the people like and come back to buy my cheeses, I become happy. If a woman makes a great effort to do something and if she gets positive feedbacks, this is very valuable. I am proud of myself for doing something good. I started to work harder when I realized stand on my own legs.”
‘We transfer the colors of women’
Rabia said she hadn’t had her own saving before and after her marriage. Stating that she wanted to do something by herself after the death of her husband, Rabia said, “After the death of my husband, some people said, ‘She is a woman, what can she do alone? She shouldn’t work’. But I didn’t want my children and I to be dependent on someone. Maybe they disagreed with me but I do something by myself. In the beginning, I had great difficulties but now my job makes me happy. I looked after my children in this way and now they are adults and they are looking after me but I continue to do my job. I want to live by earning my own money to the end. The women taking courage from me work in the market now. Before I was alone in the market but now dozens of women are with me. As women, we provide our economy and we transfer the colors of women to the market place.”