Electoral campaign by women of Kızıltepe

  • 12:27 11 June 2018
  • News
MARDİN - “HDP is the only hope for women, children, youth and peace. For this reason, everyone should support it,” said the women of Kızıltepe, who are carrying out electoral campaign for the elections to be held on June 24.
Mardin is one of the places where the electoral campaign for June 24 is going on sweepingly.  All people living in the city get together under the umbrella of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The women of Kızıltepe talked about the upcoming elections said they would work until the last day and they would send all MPs to the Parliament.
Her first vote is for the HDP
Rojname Eliş is 18 years old and she said she would use her first vote for the HDP; “I like the HDP; I trust them and I will use my first vote for them. As a young person, I feel hopeful about the HDP. If more HDP MP Candidates get into the parliament, they will do very good things for the peoples of Turkey. All of us believe that. We see how the politics in Turkey have been blocked after the imprisonment of Selahattin Demirtaş. If a presidential candidate cannot make propaganda like the other candidates, this shows us the situation of the laws in the country. We demand our presidential candidate to be with us and to carry out the electoral campaign with us.”
‘As women, we will work hard’
Malise Uçuk said that as women they should work hard night and day and she called on the people of Mardin; “We should be a step ahead and we should win in the elections. We will work hard for this and we will do our best for this. We will visit the neighborhoods and streets. HDP is the only hope for women, children, youth and peace. For this reason, everyone should support it.”
‘HDP is a hope for the peoples of Turkey’
İyde Eliş meanwhile said, “We should lead everyone to believe the HDP and peace. We will use our vote on that day whatever happens or no matter where the ballot boxes are. The people shouldn’t be killed anymore. No one should be held in prison for their thoughts. We should speak our native language freely. The HDP is a hope for the peoples of Turkey. And we support it to the end.”