Irregularities going on during counting votes

  • 18:12 24 June 2018
  • News
NEWS CENTER - After the closing of the polls, in Van, Hakkari and Tatvan, police officers have reportedly prevented the polling clerks from counting the votes and just allowed the presiding officers to count the votes.
Vote counting has begun in Turkey after the closing of the polls. The irregularities and counting in many cities are going on.
In the Zorava village of Van’s Tuşba district, the Gendarmerie Command members have allegedly stated that they will count the votes, then take them to the police station and lastly give them to the Supreme Election Board (YSK).
The police officers in schools located in Van’s İpekyolu district have allegedly said only the presiding officers can count the votes.
The reports say the counting of votes in Hakkari province has begun under the shadow of police in several schools after the closing of the polls.
Police have reportedly told only presiding officers can count the votes in several schools located in Bitlis’ Tatvan district.