Zilan, who was hit by a bullet to his body, still has difficulty in walking

  • 09:45 12 December 2018
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ŞIRNAK - In Cizre the process of curfew that announced 3 years ago and hit the body in the process of 7-year-old Zilan, still has difficulty in walking. Zilan, whom doctors said a their bones melt because of the bony wound, is getting physical therapy and preparing for the second operation.
On the 14th of December 2015 in Cizre district of Şırnak, it was 3 years since the curfew of 79 days. Hundreds of people lost their lives in the ban, so many people were injured in different ways. Dozens of children, who were the target of the bullets, either died or were injured. Zilan, who was hit by a bullet in his body in the shop where she went with his mother, was also 7 years old at the time and was one of them. Zilan, whose lead is still in his body, is preparing to become her second surgery, and she often goes to physical therapy because she has difficulty in walking.
'The bullet came out of my daughter's belly'
Hamdiye Yigit who is mentioning about the incident in Yafes neighborhood on January 15, 2016, said: 'there was an incident during the ban three years ago.' The cops came to the neighborhood and  they said, "We're going to search all the houses," For this reason, they took us out. They kept it out there. That's when my daughter wanted to go to the store. So I asked a question to one of the cops. He said to me, " take a white dustcloth and go." As we went to the store, we got shots behind us. When the scan started, the shop owner ran upstairs, I, my daughter, and a couple of families stayed in the shop. One of the bullets came to the wall first, and then it came from all those people and hit my daughter. The bullet hit his stomach and came out of his back. I saw my daughter fall on the floor, and then she shouted, " mother, come to me." And I said, "Bring water for my daughter" before I saw she was wound. Then I looked that my hand touched his wound. Then I took the headsquare in my head and put it on the wound."
'His bones melt because of the wound'
Half an hour later, they were sent directly to Diyarbakir without an intervention in the hospital expressed Hamdiye, " after the injury , we stayed on the ground for half an hour. Our neighbor and I took my daughter to another house. Then we went to the hospital. They said 'take it to Diyarbakir' when they looked at the wound there.