There is a announce from Kayyum There's no water for Idil in rainy weather!

  • 09:46 12 December 2018
  • News
ŞIRNAK - Idil municipality assigned to the municipality does not serve the public stating that administrator  Yıldız stated that "In the summer it was a trouble, even in the winter. The municipality is already lonely. Administrator claimed that the rain mixed with drinking water and thus, he cut our water this time," she said.
Since the appointment of Şırnak to the İdil Municipality, the people continued to suffer from the service. In the district where electricity and water remained cut for months, citizens carried water from their tankers to their homes for days. It was learned that the water could not be used for another week due to rain water being mixed in the clean water. Stars Elçioğlu who reactes to the situation of the residents of the town said they were tired as a public, they do not predict that they complained to nobody about this irresponsibility.
'The same problem continues in summer, even in winter'
During the summer 2 months in the neighborhood of water is cut and Ramadan months of thirsty reminiscent of Yildiz, " the municipality is deserted. I went and told them in their face. They just want to take their pay and spend money freely. Even people they don't care. There was no water in my house during Ramadan and on non-working days. Last time I was able to stand it, I took the water from plastic can and went to the Governor's office. They insulted me and expelled me. Then we gave our money, and we still give it. In the summer, when our water was not available for 2 months, they told us to 'go get water from tankers'. Even the water we got from the city's tanker was being paid. Even when there was no water, they came and made an invoice. They were taking our money and not giving water."
'We're fired from the place to be served'
In order to react to the situation of women, they go to the municipality, but noted that the executive assistant does not listen to them. He expressed,  "Now it's the same thing,they can not solve it even if we go to them, who will we go to?" . Yıldız underlines that  municipalities are open to the public and the public is an organization and  he public is closed to the public after the appointment of a patriarch. We haven't had this cold water in a week. There is nothing left what we haven't seen and we haven't done. We went to the place of administrator with the last 15 women and 2 men.
At the last time we didn't leave without leaving the waters, the manager said if you don't want to fire yourself, quit.'Both administrator was assigned instead of the president we put into the chair, and fired us from where we should have served, " he said. Yıldız, "They were coming to the park and were taking a picture of the park. Do not take the photo of the park in our streets in the mud we can not pass through the streets. When public reacted to what happened with the next sentence, 'You must come and take a picture of there'