Rose Polat has published 38 massacres and his father's memories

  • 09:47 12 December 2018
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DERSİM - The book BEGO, written by Rose Polat AGUM, marks the traces of the 1938 Dersim Massacre. Listening to her father, Bego, Rose makes up the content of her book and says the book will be translated into different languages.
The father of Rose Polat Agum, who expressed his experiences before and after the Dersim Massacre in 1938, was born to a family of 6 children in the village of Körkez, in the center. Bego's daughter Rose, compiled his father's book in ad Bego. Rose and his father, Bedri (Bego), have made a conversation with Uncle as his father wants to write down his experiences.
'We grew up with my father's wound '
Rose, indicating that his father's wound was always before his eyes, stated that 'We grew up with this wound of my father. My father and mother always cried. But they would never tell us why they were crying. My father kept his injured hand from us all the time. My uncles, my aunts, most of our relatives were killed. I wanted to teach my children to write all this while my father was still alive. Now we don't know our language. We've been assimilated. Our children have been assimilated. I think that this crime still continues today.'
Our children like us have been assimilated
Rose ,who learned Turkish at the age of 7, said that the child who was born in France and they knew neither Turkish nor Kurdish. He has been assimilated into our children like us. Our children do not know our culture, our language. In different places they are assimilated in different languages. My child, who lives here until the age of 10, speaks Turkish. Now we will turn the book into different languages. My kids will read the book after that. She underlined that the trauma of 38 massacres should not be forgotten by saying that their ancestors will learn what they had experienced.
They threw it in the water and I got rid of the wounded
Uncle Bego, who was wounded in 1938, described his experience as follows:, They killed 5 people in our family. They threw me in the water, I got wounded. They called us "Armenians". One day Fevzi Çakmak is coming to Hozat and 2 children are killed in the road. They're looking at whether children are uncircumcised. When they see that children are uncircumcised, they say 'they are Armenians'. There was a distinction between people. This distinction still continues today. 
Dogs and crows were massacred due to notifying
Bego among the survivors of many people who came because of the location of the tombs told it was a summer month. They burned everything and burned it. They even killed dogs, crows. They said ' The dogs are barking, the crows are coming down, the soldiers are telling the villagers that they come.' Dersim was destroyed. 38 of our people were exiled. He was murdered on some roads. When they took Seyit Rıza to Harput, Atatürk was with him. Together with the expression that they burned Dersim, he emphasized that every moment of the day was the same as the first day.