Serpil Kemalbay: women should punish the power on March 31

  • 12:43 12 December 2018
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Sibel Özalp

İSTANBUL- "One man" mentality of the most attacked women in March 31 local elections, punishing the power and should be in a formation that should be in a state of the Serpil Kemalbay stating that "the village of Kızılcaköy resisting the gendarmes of the village women who raised their voices, the living areas of the 31 March we want to be, " said.
What can be done on the basis of bringing together the women's democracy front in the local elections and how to ensure the women's alliance Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) Izmir deputy Serpil Kemalbay evaluated. 31 March 2019 local elections are especially important for women, Serpil stressed, because the "one man" system is the most threatened women at the beginning of the areas, he said.
'They want to institutionalize the local fascist order'
Serpil added that there was a period in which institutionalization of fascism took place and in the June 24 general elections they took a long way for this institutionalization in the superstructure. But they need the local elections of March 31 to be able to institutionalize the fascist order at the local level. He said ‘if we can reduce the one-man regime and its alliances, we will have created an important crack in the struggle for democracy through the structure of power.’
Serpil who noted that the demands of democracy, peace and freedom have continued since the June 7, 2015 general elections showed  Moreover, despite the serious attacks and massacres carried out by the people, our people showed that they insisted on democracy in the recent elections.
Serpil  who underlines that women can overcome this difficult process only in unity and solidarity said that ‘We may have different priorities. We may have differences and different agendas. But the one-man regime threatens all women. As they have eliminated the gains achieved so far, they also have an exploitation system over women in the coming period and they want to make a one-man system permanent through women.’
'Appealing profile of women imposed'
Serpil who voices that power wants women to have a role that does not appear in a neoliberal capitalist order and that does not have a corresponding role in labor mentioned about ‘They demand that the woman who fills the precarious working life, on the other hand, maintains the continuity of capital and the pool of the young labor force, and the role of the woman in the direct reproduction issue, and the demands of the power on this issue. Apart from this, we see that the benim favored woman tarz profile, which adopts the style of life and style imposed by power, is imposed on women.’
'We must back the power in local elections'
Serpil who emphasizes that women are completely defined in the family by power and that women who are concerned about their existence as women and those who enjoy their freedom are marginalized by a hate speech said that ‘In the face of this, as women, we should stand together and raise the struggle from the local in the 31 March local elections. We should have a stance that will increase the opportunities of women's decentralization in all areas of life. At the same time, we need to work to make 31 March local elections evolve to a conclusion that will punish and regress the power that establishes a relationship of domination over women, such as a referendum.’
'They have come up to date with women and anti-Kurdish policies'
Serpil, who stated that the women's struggle took a big blow especially in the Kurdish geography due to the troops, stated that ‘The patriarch is the appointment of one from the top, by the decree of the will of the people, of the women, of the youth and of the society, by the decree and by the decree. So it's a mugging scheme. The relationship of domination with a male-dominated perspective was established here. The gender equality that we have developed in local governments is a system that tries to eliminate all structural arrangements and practices that we have implemented, eliminating and eradicating all traces. The viziers, women and the Kurds have come up to date with anti-Kurdish policies ".
'We will choose our candidates for equal representation'
Serpil,who noted that Kurdish women would have an attitude towards their own identity and mother tongue, said that We will choose the co-presidential system and equal representation in which we will send our trustees to the dumps of fascism and again, with our own will, our candidates for women and men on a gender-equitable basis. For this reason, the formation of Kurdistan alliances in the geography of Kurdistan is of great importance and in this regard, our party has used the expression of the work has matured considerably.
'We will not forget the body of Taybet Ana'in days waiting on the street'
Serpil who stated that they are in preparation for the 31 March local elections both in the west and in the Kurdish region said that ‘In the broadest case, we want to embrace all the differences in both the West and the Kurdish geography, especially women's organizations, local initiatives, women's councils, local communities, which come together with all the differences around the original problems arising from being a woman.
We want to prepare for this in the coming elections. In Kızılcaköy, we want to be a 31 March in which the women who resist the gendarmerie have raised their voices and who have the olive, nature and habitats. We want the local elections, which belong to their own culture, against their violence, against violence and against the exploitation of labor, against the blockades of fascism. We are preparing for March 31st local elections, not forgetting the fact that the mother Anabet is kept on the street for many days and that women were raped and murdered in the invasion of Efrîn. We will join hands against the practices of all these fascism, and in the widest framework women will be strong together, and they will give their answers to fascism on March 31st. I think it will be an important step to send fascism to history's trash. "