He turned his childhood curiosity into a profession and became a tailor of the neighborhood

  • 13:14 12 December 2018
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VAN - Azize Batmaz, who turns her curiosity to her mother's sewing machine profession,continues her work in her shop which she opened a tailor who she started at home. Resisting the support of his wife in the business against the Azize, "Men have no expectation," said.

Women who want to imprison the masculine mentality from working life to home and family, continue to gain their economic freedom by opening space for themselves despite all the sexist codes. Azize Batmaz is one of these women. Azize, who started sewing with her mother's machine at a young age, now has a tailor shop.

‘I bought myself a machine‘

Azize whose hildhood curiosity grows to learn the location of the an slowly began to learn to do sewing. She said that ‘After I learned the job, I bought myself a machine. First I started sewing quilt pillow pieces. Then I started sewing dresses, dressers. I'm trying to make a living. I'm trying to get school money for my kids. I'm picking up my money here if I'm missing something at home or going to the hospital,’

'I will never stop doing my job'

Azize who previously works  in the house and then opening a shop to open their work there said that ‘My machine was set up at home, but I had to make a place for the customers coming home. Although my wife told me to lift the machine by reacting, I never said I would continue my work and I passed to a small shop. Then I painted the shop, arranged the interior and set up a small coal stove. Now I finish my work at the house and go to the shop. Both I work more comfortably and my customers are more comfortable, "

'Dress tires increased from 3 TL to 10 TL'

Azize, who states that there are many customers due to working clearly, said ‘Sometimes it's so intense that I have to turn women down. Sometimes women want me to pick up the clothes, but I can't take the piece because it's too expensive. Before the economic crisis, we took pieces, beads and handcrafts, but now we can't get them. Dress tires 3 TL, but now 10 TL used.

‘Don't expect anything from men‘

Azize who states that women should not have an expectation from men showed us that ‘n order to gain their economic freedoms, they have to work on what they can do. I am very happy to open my shop, and am proud of myself for making money with my own labors.