Hunger striker journalist Kibriye Evren begins to spit blood

  • 09:15 10 April 2019
  • News
DİYARBAKIR – The reports say that journalist Kibriye Evren, who began a hunger strike on December 16, 2018 in Diyarbakır E-type Closed Prison in protest against isolation, has begun to spit blood.
Hunger strikes led by the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Hakkari MP and the Democratic Society Council (DTK) Co-chair Leyla Güven in protest against isolation imposed upon the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan are spreading day by day. As the hunger strike begun by journalist Kibriye Evren, Hilal Ölmez and Evin Kaya on December 16, 2018 has entered its 114th day, the reports say their health is in critical condition. Their relatives went to see the prisoners and reported that their health is getting worse and that they have difficulty even walking.
The relatives of the prisoners said;
· Kibriye: I began to cough. I vomited and then I spit blood. I feel weak, I have headache, joint pain, insomnia and inability to walk.
· Evin Kaya: She has continuous bleeding from the intestines. In recent days, she cannot consume liquids, she cannot sleep, she cannot walk and her health is in critical condition.
· Friends of Hilal Ölmez said: She has serious intestinal problems. She has suffered from constipation due to dysfunctional intestines and her pain is increasing.